The team has many years of experience in the Blockchain market and understands the importance of security and safety when building smart contracts. So we have built a comprehensive smart contract to avoid common mistakes and unnecessary risks, while also ensuring the rights of investors.

It's great that after many rounds of strict testing, BEPEGROK has successfully completed an audit by the organization RUGFREECOINS - note that this is a significant auditing organization, highly respected for auditing projects in the cryptocurrency market.

✅ Audit report: https://www.rugfreecoins.com/coin-details/22523

✅ KYC report: https://pinksale.notion.site/Bepegrok-KYC-Verification-25cd0b4e581441478687c1691e34d52b?pvs=4

The BEPEGROK team members who are Testing Experts to ensure that every product launched is as complete and safe as possible. In the near future, we will continue to conduct larger audits to ensure absolute safety for investors' interests when participating in BEPEGROK.

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